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Make Sure You Take Care of Yourself

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Family Law

The legal process can be long and arduous, whether you are in the process of seeking legal decision-making and parenting time for children, a dissolution of marriage, grandparent visitation, or a modification or enforcement of a judicial order.  At Frank Amar Matura, we understand that there is a level of endurance that is necessary to make it through the time it takes to resolve your legal matter.  Part of weathering the storm includes having a capable, hard-working and compassionate legal team on your side.

Make sure that you take care of yourself.  Here are some tips:

  1. Develop your social network of trusted family and friends: Don’t be afraid to share what is happening in your life with the people closest to you so they can support you in a safe space.
  2. Take care of your health: Take some time to care for yourself with some extra kindness. Whatever it is that helps you, be it walks in the fresh air, a little extra sleep, drinking a little more water, reading a good book, engaging in (doctor-approved) exercise, try to make it a priority. While it can be difficult to prioritize this amidst your other responsibilities and all the things taking up your headspace, a little bit of care can go a long way.
  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself: It is very normal to doubt yourself when you are navigating the legal system. It can be intimidating and there is a lot of uncertainty.  Develop your confidence by getting the legal support you need and doing your best to participate fully in the process.
  4. Choose a legal team you can trust: Frank Amar Matura is a firm that you can count on to know the law and to work diligently toward your best interests.

Let's Discuss Your Case - We're Here For You.

When dealing with a family matter issue, you do not have to go at it alone. Schedule your comprehensive attorney consultation now and we can discuss the entire case.

Let's Discuss Your Case - We're Here For You.

When dealing with a family matter issue, you do not have to go at it alone. Give us a call and we can discuss the entire case during a comprehensive attorney consultation.

Client Reviews

Very honest

November 2009 I retained Mr. Frank almost two years to represent me in a visitation modification filed by my ex-husband. Mr. Frank quickly and efficiently became familiar with my case and was very honest about all the potential results that could occur. I truly feel that Mr. Frank had my children’s best interests in mind…

– Judy K