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Parenting After Divorce- Now What?

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Parenting

You never thought you’d be here. It certainly wasn’t the plan. A “single-mom” or “single-dad.” Maybe you have full custody; maybe you have an equal parenting time schedule. Whether your relationship after divorce with your ex is good or not, one thing is for sure: parenting is hard. And it just got harder. So now what?

First thing’s first, get your perspective right. You get to be with your kids. You get to raise them the way you want on your time. You get to nurture them. You get to make them laugh and comfort them when they cry. You get to hold them when they sleep and cuddle them when they wake up. The beauty in parenting children is endless. They didn’t choose this life but it’s their reality, and YOU get to be the one to give them what they need in a way that you know they need it. How special is that?

Next, keep reminding yourself that you are enough. Your child loves you with all their heart and there is no better mom or dad for them than you. You may not like the way your ex runs their home after separation, but what about your home? Don’t underestimate your impact on your children’s lives, even if you have them half the time.

Finally, give yourself grace. What you just went through was devastating, exhausting even, and now you’re left feeling angry or maybe even heartbroken. Your feelings are valid, and you need to work through them. Some days will be fine but some days you will want to crawl into bed and let your kids fend for themselves (not really, but you get the drift). Give yourself grace. You might have had a bad day yesterday, or even a bad week last week, but today is a new day.

One thing my mentor told me that I’ll never forget. He said, “if I could go back in time and have just one day with my kids, even if it’s a bad day, I would do it in a heartbeat.” One day soon your children will be adults and you won’t have the chance to live in the beauty of parenting young children anymore. So next time you’re in the middle of a bad day or even a rough moment, imagine that you’re from the future, where your kids have their own lives now, and you got the chance to be with your babies one more time.

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Let's Discuss Your Case - We're Here For You.

When dealing with a family matter issue, you do not have to go at it alone. Give us a call and we can discuss the entire case during a comprehensive attorney consultation.

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