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by | Apr 24, 2024 | Family Law, Uncategorized

The fact that the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that an 1860’s Territorial law on abortion is still in effect was nothing short of shocking. This law was originally passed during the Civil War, when our country was fighting over whether a white person should continue to have the right to own and enslave black people. The law was passed at a time when women had no rights, not even the right to vote. This 160 year-old law, which has now been revived, demonstrates a similar level of intolerance and disregard for basic human rights. It is an almost total ban on abortion, except to “save the life” of the mother. Any doctor, nurse, or other person who attempts to assist an abortion at any stage of the pregnancy is guilty of a felony and faces 2 to 5 years in prison. What this means is that women will be forced to carry a pregnancy to term even when medical tests show that the child will not survive. Now a woman who is raped — or a little girl who is impregnated by her own father, stepfather, or other male family member — will be forced to endure a nine month pregnancy and give birth to their rapist’s offspring. This is not pro-life. It is the height of cruelty.

Gary Frank

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Very honest

November 2009 I retained Mr. Frank almost two years to represent me in a visitation modification filed by my ex-husband. Mr. Frank quickly and efficiently became familiar with my case and was very honest about all the potential results that could occur. I truly feel that Mr. Frank had my children’s best interests in mind…

– Judy K