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by | Apr 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

Need help? We’re here. Because even in the midst of all the current chaos with COVID-19 and social distancing, life goes on. People still have to shop for basics. Parents still need to find a way to make sure their children continue their education. And those lucky enough to have jobs still need to work. Our world has been shaken to its core. Many of our usual routines have been disrupted, maybe permanently. The world seems to be filled with anxiety and uncertainty.

In the meantime, for many people who are stuck in rocky relationships things are not getting better. In fact, they are getting worse. And questions abound: Is divorce still an option? For parents who need to make adjustments in legal decision-making or parenting plans – can they file with the Court to modify their existing orders? Can a parent sue to enforce existing orders that are being violated? Can a parent who needs to move with the children file for relocation? For grandparents who are being blocked from seeing their grandchildren – can they ask the Court to award them visitation or custody? Can a parent who has lost their job file for a modification of spousal maintenance or child support? — The answer to all these questions is “Yes.”

Through all the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, the courts are still open and functioning (although they are functioning slightly differently, as will be discussed below). Judges are still accessible. Cases are still being filed. Trials and contested court hearings are still taking place. You can still get your needs met in the Family Division of the Maricopa County Superior Court.

Of course, procedures have been put in place in the courts that are designed to keep people safe. For instance, on a temporary basis, non-evidentiary hearings (those where it is not necessary to present evidence or testimony) are now being held by telephonic conference call with the Court, rather than the parties and attorneys having to appear in person. And trials are generally being postponed. However, Emergency Custody matters and Order of Protection hearings are being held in-person, as before.

The bottom line is that people can (and are) filing for Divorce; Modification of Legal Decision-Making Authority; Modification of Parenting-Time; Enforcement of Orders; Relocation; Grandparent Visitation or Custody; Establishment of Paternity; Child Support, and Spousal Support, etc. The courts are open and functioning. They may not be operating as normal, but they are operating efficiently. You can still get what you need.

Our office is open and functioning efficiently, as well. Our attorneys are primarily working from home offices, as are many people, and we are handling most client meetings by video-conference, such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or Google Hang-Outs – or by phone – but we are just as available and accessible as we’ve always been. Our office in the Biltmore area of Phoenix remains open and is still available for conferences, depositions, mediation, etc.

Life doesn’t stop, even in the midst of the current disruption. If you need us, we are here for you.


At Frank Amar Matura, both Gary Frank and attorney Hanna Amar are strong litigators and compassionate counselors. Gary Frank is a Family Law Attorney with over 30 years of experience as a litigator and mediator. He has also acted in the capacity of a Judge Pro Tempore in the Maricopa County Superior Court and served on the Governor’s Child Abuse Prevention Task Force. Hanna Amar is a highly-skilled attorney both in the courtroom and at the negotiation table, with a passion for Family Law and children’s issues. She is also a certified mediator. In addition, Hanna is the President of the Young Lawyers Division of the Maricopa County Bar Association.  We handle Family Law cases in the areas of divorce, custody (now called “Legal Decision-Making and Parenting Time), relocation (move-away), division of property, spousal and child support, modification actions, enforcement actions, grandparent and non-parent rights, and all other matters pertaining to families and children. If you are in need of a consultation, call us today at 602-922-9989; or you can contact us by email through our website at www.famlawaz.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Let's Discuss Your Case - We're Here For You.

When dealing with a family matter issue, you do not have to go at it alone. Schedule your comprehensive attorney consultation now and we can discuss the entire case.

Let's Discuss Your Case - We're Here For You.

When dealing with a family matter issue, you do not have to go at it alone. Give us a call and we can discuss the entire case during a comprehensive attorney consultation.

Client Reviews

Very honest

November 2009 I retained Mr. Frank almost two years to represent me in a visitation modification filed by my ex-husband. Mr. Frank quickly and efficiently became familiar with my case and was very honest about all the potential results that could occur. I truly feel that Mr. Frank had my children’s best interests in mind…

– Judy K