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by | May 30, 2013 | Custody, Divorce, Joint Custody, Legal Decision-Making, Parenting, Parenting Time, Relocation, Relocation / Move-Away cases

At first, it sounds like a typical “Relocation” battle: A father is asking the Court to prevent his ex-wife from moving out of Arizona with the children. But this is not a typical Relocation case. This one involves basketball superstar, Steve Nash.  And he isn’t trying to stop his ex-wife from moving the children further away from him – He’s trying to prevent her from moving them to Los Angeles, where he lives


Nash wants the judge to prevent the mother of his children from moving the kids closer to his home!


Sadly, this case isn’t about the children. It’s about money. You see, when Steve and Alejandra Nash divorced in Arizona, the former Mrs. Nash received millions in the settlement and, therefore, the Decree did not award her child support.


But now the mother of the Nash children wants to move them to California, where their father plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Alejandra Nash claims that the children miss their father and would like to spend more time with him. Steve Nash, on the other hand, claims that the mother is an out-of-control spender and that she wants to relocate purely for selfish reasons. He believes that once she settles in Los Angeles, she will ask the California Court for an order requiring him to pay substantial child support, which was not contemplated in the divorce settlement, and which the children do not need. (Indeed, at a recent court hearing, Alejandra admitted that if allowed to move to California, she will seek child support.)


So, what we have here is a mother who wants to relocate with the children for the purpose of obtaining child support, on top of the millions she already has in the bank . . . and a father who is attempting to keep the children further away from him, so as to prevent their mother from asking for more money.

In the end, we’re left with one simple question:  
Is anyone thinking about what is best for the kids?”



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Let's Discuss Your Case - We're Here For You.

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